In February, I fell skiing. It's May but I still remember the couple of seconds of falling as if it lasted a couple of years: my thoughts right before I fell ("I'm going too fast, I can't ski in this snow, I'm so nervous, I'm not skiing well today, I'm going to eat it"), what... Continue Reading →


Countdown: 8 days. Leading up to these 8 days: one winter of learning, two years of dreaming, seven seasons of forgetting, a few hundred bucks of spending, and thousands of seconds waiting. With an anticipation that threatens to burst open at the seams, I sit patiently watching the clock tick down and the days go... Continue Reading →

You know what sometimes just flat out sucks? The Truth. That's right, Truth with a capital T. This is different from truth with a lower case t because Truth with a capital T means itsΒ your Truth. Not scientific truths, factual truths from the news (if, in this world of apparent "fake news" those even exist... Continue Reading →

Today I learned a lesson about letting go. About releasing. About pushing out what's not serving me. In short, I learned about being like a tree. Oh yes, that's right, a tree. Tall, old, sways in the wind, changes colors, loses leaves, and blooms again, and wise, if I do say so myself. A tree.... Continue Reading →

My childhood babysitter used to read my brother and I The Phantom Tollbooth over and over again. We loved it. Today I admittedly don't remember much of the book, or the film that was later made from it, except for the main character's time in the Doldrums. The Doldrums were beyond the tollbooth. It had... Continue Reading →

After a breakdown over the weekend spewing out disappointment in myself, feeling lost in myself and as if my efforts to become a better person have been going no where, I rememberΒ an enlightening conversation I had two weeks ago with a new friend about all of these feelings being present in my professional life: She... Continue Reading →

There's a difference between isolation, loneliness, and solitude. Quoting a dear friend quoting Hanna Arendt'sΒ The Origins of Totalitarianism, "one can be isolated (say, politically, from like-minded people), but not can be "in" on all the social cliques and groups but still feel very lonely even when in the company of others. Solitude, the way... Continue Reading →

"Did it help though, talking about it with her?" My boyfriend sat on the couch with me Sunday night, asking about the 14.2 mile hike I had completed earlier that day, "I know that when we talk about it it's different because I can't fully understand where you're coming from. Was it worse or better... Continue Reading →

When I'm thinking clearly and rationally, I know that the expectations I feel are solely my own doing. No one actually expects me to be the hardest climber, the fastest hiker, the outdoorsy one, the one who doesn't mind getting dirty and pushing limits. Not that people don't think I could be those things, they... Continue Reading →

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